• 65 gallon cart now used for SINGLESTREAM recycling.
  • The use of your carts will now be required for your recycling services.
  • Your day of service will remain Wednesday.
  • Volumes will be restricted to what fits inside the cart with the lid closed.
  • We ask that you keep 3 feet of space around your cart: keep 3 feet from mailboxes, vehicles, other carts, telephone poles:etc.
  • Carts must be curbside by 6:00 AM.
  • SINGLESTREAM recycling simply means that you are able to mix all paper, cardboard, plastic, tin and glass in one container. 


 Wednesday curbside pick up provided by Waste Managment, 1-888-960-0008.

Pick up alternates every other week:

  • East side of Watson & Eureka St. 
  • West side of Watson & Eureka St.

    Recycling schedule will be altered during Holidays,

     check CALENDAR or call City of Ripon Dept. of Public Works office at 920-748-4909.


 Where can I dispose of a hot water heater, washer, dryer, stove, or anything not containing freon?

At our compost center located at 1131 Berlin Road. The center is open every Tuesday and Saturday 9:00 AM to 3:30 PM.  Metal items do not require a ticket and should be placed in the metal dumpster.

 Can I mix all the recyclables together in my bin?

Yes, all recyclables can be mixed together.

 Is there some place I can take my recyclables?

No. All recyclables are picked up at the curbside for residents.

 What day is my recycling day?

The City is split in 2 sections, west & east, with the dividing line being Watson/Eureka St.  Recycling is every Wednesday rotating between the west side and east side every other week.  See City calendar for you dates.

 Where can I dispose of waste oil from my vehicle?

The City no longer accepts waste oil.  Pease see the supplied list for where to dispose of waste oil.


Waste oil disposal

 Where should I place my recycling bin at the curb?

Your recycling bin should be 3 feet away from any above ground objects (utility poles, mail boxes, fire hydrants, garbage can).