Frequently Asked Questions


 How do I get the FREE annual dump ticket?

Go to the Department of Public Works Office at 570 Aspen Street.
Be sure to bring in your photo ID and PROOF of residence.
Another option is to Request a DUMP ticket online here- you will be asked to provide proof of residency.
Also, you can pick up your FREE dump ticket at City Hall (7:30-4pm Monday-Friday).
Be sure to bring in your photo ID and PROOF of residence.
Examples of PROOF can be a utility bill or rental agreements.
ONLY ONE ticket per residence, per year.
Tickets can only be used in  "TICKET VALID FOR (YEAR) ONLY".

 What can I take to the compost center?

Residents can take some items to the compost site on Berlin Road

for free - however, some items require a fee.  Please call 748-4909 for details.

 What day is my recycling day?

Recycling is every other Wednesday, depending on what side of Watson Street you are on!
Please check the City of Ripon Calendar. calendar

 When is leaf pickup?

Leaf pickup will start mid October and continue through the third Friday in November, as weather permits.  Please call 748-4909 with any questions.  There is no spring leaf pickup.  Any leaves remaining after the third Friday in November are the residents responsibility.

 Where can I purchase a Radon Testing Kit?

Short term test kits are available from the City Clerks Office at 100 Jackson Street.
920.748.4915 $10 each.


FOR MORE INFORMATION, please contact:

Danielle Vollendorf, R.S.

Health Department of the County of Fond du Lac 


160 South Macy Street, Fond du Lac, WI 54935

 Where do I go for energy assistance?

Energy Services for Fond du Lac County, 20 Forest Ave, Suite 104, Fond du Lac, WI  54935.  For an appointment, call 1-800-506-5596.  For more information see page 29 of Fond du Lac County's 60+ Booklet.

 Where do I go to vote?

City of Ripon polls at 100 Jackson St. are open 7:00 AM - 8:00 PM