Mayoral Proclamation Request Guidelines

Mayoral Proclamation Request Guidelines


The office of Mayor Theodore Grant issues proclamations in the City of Ripon to recognize and commemorate special occasions and significant community and individual achievements.

Recipients must currently or have previously resided in the City of Ripon and meet one or more of the following criteria:

• Cultural, social, or historic events with significance to the City of Ripon

• Organizational or individual milestone anniversaries of 10 years or more

• Milestone birthdays of 75 years or more

• Posthumous recognitions


All requests for proclamations must be submitted in writing and received in this office at least three weeks in advance. The request should include:

• Background information on person or organization

• Suggested language

• Supporting materials such as event details

• Date to be proclaimed

• Date proclamation is needed


Please forward requests to: Email: and


Or via mail to: City of Ripon, Attn: Proclamation Request, 100 Jackson St., Ripon, WI 54971