Records Request

To obtain a copy of crash report completed by a City of Ripon Police Officer, visit this website or call 1-800-990-2452.

 If you wish to pay for the report using cash or need a paper copy of the report, come to the Ripon Police Department.

 Note that it may take up to ten (10) days for your crash report to be completed by the investigating officer and available for viewing.


The City of Ripon Police Department will grant records requests according to Wisconsin State Statutes on the release of public records (Wis State Stats. 19.31-19.39 (2003)).  Requests can be made using the records request form


Return the completed form to the police department in person, by email, or fax (920-748-5347).


1) Requested videos can by delivered by e-mail link only (your e-mail address must be provided).

2) Printed copies of reports are billed at .25 per page.

3) Open records requests may take up to ten (10) business days due to the volume of requests or the extent of information requested. 


If the records custodian determines that your request is to be denied in whole or in part, you have the right to appeal through the court process. Refer to Wisconsin Statute 19.37(1).