Ripon Community Media Committee

Mission of the Ripon Community Media Committee
Accessible Media Dedicated to Information, Entertaining and Sharing Our Community.
The committee works to make recommendations on the quality and variety of programs offered on the Cable TV Channels.  You can find those channels on 986 and 987 on your Charter Cable subscription or available on our website and YouTube. If anyone has recommendations for programs to be shown on the channels or have comments about the current offerings, please contact any member of the committee.  The committee meets at City Hall as needed.
The cable TV committee advises the mayor and council on development and enforcement of rules and regulations for use of the city's public cable TV channels and makes recommendations on cable TV program offerings. Membership consists of one each from the Ripon school district, Ripon College, Ripon library, city government and two at large.  Members serve a five-year term. 




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Ripon Community Media Committee 


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