Request for Proposals

 City of Ripon
Request for Qualifications (RFQ) - ONGOING 
Licensed Plumbers/Utility Contractors interested in
participating in the private Lead Service Line Program 
Project Scope: The City of Ripon is looking to compile a list of qualified, certified licensed plumbers, or utility contractors who are interested in performing private lead service line replacement work for owners of properties that have a private lead service line on their property. The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources (WDNR) has made funds available through the Safe Drinking Water Loan Program (SDWLP) to the City of Ripon to replace the privately-owned portion of a lead service line serving a single-family home, a multifamily building, a K-12 school, or a licensed infant/children day care facility. Licensed plumbers/utility contractors providing appropriate responses to this RFQ will be placed on a certified plumbers list. This list will be distributed to owners of these properties who will then be able to contract directly with a licensed certified plumber/utility contractor. Once work is completed, eligible costs will be reimbursed from the City’s Lead Service Line (LSL) program. The city anticipates that there will be approximately 80 LSLs that will need replacing over the coming years.
Project Goal: The goal is to eliminate health hazards associated with private LSLs at the above-referenced properties. For the purposes of the SDWLP program, private lead service line replacement means, “the replacement of the existing lead service line between the curb stop and the water meter within the structure.” Through the City of Ripon, the SDWLP private LSL Program will provide for reimbursement of eligible costs for a property owner to replace a private LSL at the properties described above. Up to $5,000 of eligible costs will be reimbursed. Typical costs might include the cost of excavation, materials, labor, backfill, and restoration. No-dig methods of pipe installation might also be considered as a typical cost. Non-typical costs at a property may be allowed pending review and approval by the City of Ripon, and the SDWLP private Lead Service Line Program. A non- typical cost might include the cost of rerouting the private portion of the lead service line to a more acceptable location within a structure when it results in an overall cost saving.
Project Schedule:
Deadline for Response to RFQ - Ongoing
Project Funding Requirements: Based upon the SDWLP lead service line replacement project guidelines, a municipality may reimburse the aforementioned property owners for qualified costs when a licensed plumber/utility contractor is contracted directly by the property owner. To comply with the SDWLP funding requirements, municipalities will require that the certified licensed plumbers perform the work in accordance with the following:
1) Work to be performed by a licensed plumber under Section SPS 305.90 Wis. Adm. Code or utility contractor under section SPS305.97 Wis. Adm. Code;
2) Work to be performed in accordance with the plumbing code requirements found in Wis. Adm. Code SPS Chapters 381-391;
3) Work to be performed as required by all applicable OSHA requirements/standard;
4) Adequate financial records shall be established and maintained in accordance with the municipal SDWLP Financial Assistance Agreement;
5) The municipality will determine the submittal requirements necessary for the licensed plumber/utility contractor to document the lead service line replacement at each address where work was performed; and
6) The municipality will be required to certify that the licensed plumbers/utility contractors performing lead service line replacement work will comply with the SDWLP financial assistance agreement (loan) requirements including Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Solicitation (if subcontracting work) and the use of American Iron & Steel (UAIS).
7) All plumbers/utility contractors will be required to comply and certify to the following: “All materials used in the project are in full compliance with the Use of American Iron and Steel (UAIS) requirements as mandated in EPA’s State Revolving Fund programs.”
8) The City of Ripon encourages Disadvantaged Business Enterprises (DBE), including Minority Business Enterprises (MBE) and Women-owned Business Enterprises (WBE), to submit qualifications for the purpose of being included on the City’s list of prequalified plumbers/utility contractors for the Lead Service Line replacement program.
9) All contractors that utilize subcontractors are required to comply with DBE solicitation requirements by encouraging DBE utilization.
10) Davis-Bacon and Related Acts may apply based on property ownership or contractor employee status. This determination will be made on a case-by-case basis.
Minimum RFQ Response Requirements:
Certified licensed plumbers/utility contractors interested in performing lead service line replacements as funded by a municipal SDWLP Financial Assistance Agreement should submit a response for each item below, on your company letterhead, to this RFQ by including (at a minimum) the following information:
1) Name/address of plumbing/utility contractor business;
2) Name of plumbing business owner and/or registered agent;
3) Utility contractor/plumbing license #s;
4) Number of years/months in business as a licensed plumber/utility contractor;
5) General business information: Briefly describe your plumbing/utility contractor organization, size and structure. Provide the number of years your firm has been engaged in performing licensed plumber/utility contractor service line replacement/installation work. How many new service line installations and service line replacements has your plumbing business performed in the last three years at: 1) private single family homes; 2) multi-family buildings; and 3) infant/children day care facilities; and
6) References: provide a minimum of three references of similar projects within a 50-miles radius of Ripon completed during the last three (3) years. The city reserves the right to use additional references and other information in its decision to certify plumbing/contractors for this project.
7) List of all planned subcontractors to be utilized for LSL replacements.
8) An estimated range of the cost of a typical LSL replacement.
9) Proof of Liability Insurance
10) Notarized signature of the Officer/Owner of the Business
Contact the following for questions about submitting a response to the RFQ past the initial deadline or questions regarding the project:
Jeremy Jess – Utility Manager – 920-748-4912 Email:
Municipal address for submitting response to RFQ: Ripon City Hall 100 Jackson St. Ripon, WI 54971