Ripon Business Outreach Program

Business Outreach Program
The Ripon Business Outreach Program is a joint effort between the City of Ripon and Ripon Chamber of Commerce geared towards facilitating business growth, encouraging capital investment, helping secure the creation of jobs, and connecting local businesses with the resources they need to succeed. The program allows the City to build an economic development strategy that meets the needs of local employers by gathering information and analyzing local economic trends.



The Purpose of this program is to provide business outreach and identify local businesses’ existing and anticipated needs and address those needs through coordinated resources and partnerships. Although we may not be able to address all challenges and opportunities, it is critical that there is an understanding between the business community and those working on economic development.



Have a Conversation: We want to have a conversation with our local business community about their challenges, plans, needs, and opportunities.

Learn: We want to learn about your business via a brief tour and a meeting with the business leadership.

Connect: We want to help connect the dots between the needs of the business community to city planning efforts and community needs.

Support: We want to support the business through local, regional, state, and federal resources.


Program Elements:

We will enact our purpose through:

  • Business visits and listening sessions,
  • Technical services and advocacy,
  • Strategic marketing and promotion, and
  • Facilitated municipal permitting and regulatory processes.


Services to Employers:

We will provide the following to our business partners:

  • Connections to, and facilitated coordination with, state, regional and local resources,
  • Business promotion on City/Chamber website, social media accounts, and press releases,
  • Facilitated industry and executive roundtables,
  • Single point-of-contact and individualized assistance with city regulatory processes.


Commitment to Confidentiality

We will ensure confidentiality of sensitive information shared with our team in the following ways:

  • Business visits and listening sessions will be performed by the City Administrator and Chamber Director only, with potential involvement from the City of Ripon Mayor.
  • Information will be verbally communicated directly to those present at business visits. Any additional program surveys will request non-privileged information and all questions are optional.
  • Program reporting on non-privileged information from surveys will be aggregated and anonymized. These reports are intended to give the community a “snapshot” of the Business Outreach Program and the local economy and will not contain sensitive information.


Eligible Businesses: We are here to support any business located within the City of Ripon.



Please contact the City Administrator or Chamber Director to schedule your custom program.


Adam Sonntag                                                          Mandy Kimes

City Administrator, City of Ripon     -OR-             Executive Director, Ripon Chamber of Commerce                           

(920)748-4914                                                          (920)896-5707